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Don’t Multitask: Your Brain Will Thank You

Don’t Multitask: Your Brain Will Thank You | Business Improvement |
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The life of any business owner is hectic at the best of times, and the temptation to be trying to do multiple activities at the same time is strong, yet succumbing to this temptation can actually work against achieving your objectives in an effective and timely manner.

Reasearch has discovered that chronic multi-tasking can have long term chronic effects on brain function, and that frequent multi-taskers use their brains far less effectively, resulting in the conclusion that multi-tasking is a weakness rather than a strength.

This short article, discusses the research findings, and introduces two tips to assist all business owners to avoid the temptation to multi-task and become more effective managers of their businesses.

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Sponsors Keep Topics Alive | Business Improvement |


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Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide

Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide | Business Improvement |

Content marketing is the one of the highest impact forms of marketing today. You can use it to automate your lead generation and boost your sales and profits.In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, “

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Content marketing has become a key plank, in the arsenal of any business, looking to improve its online lead generation outcomes. More and more businesses, are now looking to content marketing as a means to grow their authority in the online arena, and boost their sales and profits. This guide is comprehensive, and will help anyone commencing the process of fully embracing content marketing, as a key lead generation strategy.

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Content Marketing: The Definitive Guide is a useful resource for new marketers and small biz.